2017-10-18 / Letters

Senior center problems

Dear Editor:

Morgan County has the opportunity to provide an excellent facility for senior citizens. However, in past months there have been serious problems with the air conditioning (HVAC) system. This past Tuesday, October 10 bridge had to again be canceled when the temperature inside the building reached 82+ degrees. This was not an isolated incident. HVAC system failures have been a frequent happening throughout the summer months. What about the winter months? The HVAC system must be adequate year-around for seniors who are more susceptible to health issues.

It seems to me that the senior center has become an unhealthy, unsafe shelter for seniors from the Berkeley Springs area who use and depend on the center’s facilities. Facility clients/users as well as employees at the center suffer from air and temperature issues that limit center activities. Morgan County must and can, I hope, do better; and, officials should be more concerned about the center’s users and their health.

Information about the inadequacy of the HVAC, or what is being done to bring the HVAC up to acceptable standards is nonexistent. Only comments such as “we are working on the problem” float around. Is the on-going HVAC problem a fiscal issue or is poor management the issue? I urge officials, epecially, the commissioners, to look into this important matter and demonstrate to seniors that the HVAC problem is being dealt with by competent staff or HVAC contractors. Don’t let the long-standing HVAC problem diminish the quality of the Senior Center.

Sandra Hewitt

Berkeley Springs

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