2017-10-18 / Letters

Boot drives against fed law

Dear Editor:

Memories around here seem to be very short-term. When Pete Moss (husband of former mayor Susan Webster) called the WV State Police on me in 2012 for standing with a sign on U.S. 522 (in a marked-off zone where I was not impeding traffic), I was politely told the following:

U.S. 522 is a federal highway. No person is allowed to be in the roadway at any time except when crossing at designated crosswalks. The code also states that one cannot walk along the pavement or its edges for any reason. Fundraising within the roadway is not allowed. Protesting within the roadway is not allowed. Town and county regulations cannot take precedent over the federal law on this.

Letters were written, and John Douglas, former editor of The Morgan Messenger, even wrote an editorial on the subject. Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade, but the law must be applied equally and fairly to everyone. No exceptions.

John C. Webster

New Hope

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