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One explanation

Dear Editor:

Someone just challenged me to write about the mass shooting during a Sunday night concert in Las Vegas, citing “collapse of language to transmit meaning” and a shot across the bow (as it were) to “explain it if you can.”


Our armed-to-the-teeth country allows anybody (sane or not) to buy:

—Anything — from simple revolvers for self defense, to rifles for hunting, to semi-automatic and submachine guns invented for use by well-trained military and law enforcement professionals.

— From just about anywhere — gun shops and shows, private purchase, pawn shops, Walmart.

The NRA opposes any and all controls over the purchase and availability of all guns, weapons of war included. There is the theory of slippery slope: assault weapons banned today means all guns banned tomorrow.

And so, today the slope is slick with gallons and gallons of blood, not of the enemy, not of criminals, not of eight-point bucks, but of hundreds of innocent, non-combatant civilians, many of them just kids.

“When will they ever learn?” sang the late Pete Seeger. Six decades have passed and still there is no answer.

Maureen Mylander

Great Cacapon

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Maureen Mylander You stated

Maureen Mylander You stated it in simplest of terms.This sadly may be repeated many more times. How to prevent it is so complex a problem that most of us throw up our hands in frustration..I suspect the shooter in this case had a brain tumor . it could explain his behavior . imagine no guns .. he may well have thought up some other means to kill many people single handed .. following that line of thought we don't have much of a defense. We can turn into a society that is suspicious of everyone and all actions. a child in Kindergarten made a gun shape out of playdoh and was suspended from school. where do we draw the lines?