2017-10-11 / News

Patience is October theme for Wonderful People

by Elaine Parke

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Last week, on the first of October, in Las Vegas, our country experienced the largest single mass shooting in our history. Interestingly, I am currently studying the topic of violent radicalization and its causes for an Op Ed article I’m working on. One internationally recognized expert on the underlying momentum for radicalism is Humera Kahn, ED of Washington, D.C.

Research shows that massive radical acts are often the result of ratcheted up suppressed behaviors, not of the bullies but of the victims of bullying. These are alienated people who feel that their peers think and act negatively toward them, sometimes even feeling physically threatened by others. Certainly social media bullying is hurtful and alienating for the victim.

We all seek to belong and to be treated fairly and equally. Perhaps this is a good month to strengthen our resolve to Be Patient and Listen to others, whether they are our fellow students, family members, co-workers, or simply other community members.

Parents and/or caregivers can strengthen our own children's resistance to bullying. We can take more time to listen to the needs of our children, spend special time with them and let children know they matter - whatever their background or walk of life. We are West Virginians and each of us matters.

For myself, I have personally lived through the 12 month cycle of Wonderful People for many years now - long before moving here.

October's color is Slowdown Lavender. Whenever I see lavender, I feel quieter, more tuned to listening, and more connected to the people who pass through my day. Take a leisurely stroll through autumn; in town at a park or on one of our trails.

I've heard it said that, "Patience is not just the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting."

When bullying and poor treatment of one another for any reason persists, it is difficult to keep a good attitude. This is a time to hold on and look for the positive around us.

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