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40th Annual Homecoming of Bath District and Berkeley Springs High School

The 40th annual homecoming of Bath District and Berkeley Springs High School was held on Saturday, September 30, at Cacapon Lodge with 225 in attendance. George Didawick, chairman, welcomed alumni and guests followed by the veterans’ recognition, the singing of “God Bless America,” and the invocation by Gary Kerns.

After the meal, a moment of silence was observed to honor the memory of the 61 known alumni who had died since the last homecoming.

The honored class of 1967 was introduced by Lin Dunham and included the following members who were present: Jack Butts, David Clark, Ethlene Merchant Dawson, Libby Barker Ditto, Dunham, Bill Harmison, John Helsley, Karen DeLawder Henry, David Hoopengardner, Roger Hovermale, Kenny McCoy, Pete McCumbee, Karen Mann McCusker, Gary Mason, Vicki Stotler Mason, Doug Michael, Roger Michael, Peggy Avey Omps, Helen Merchant Soper, Kathy Spitzer, Susan Williams Swaim, Mike Webster, Gary Wilson and Taylor Yost.

The 20 members of the class of 1957 were introduced by Virgil Ruppenthal and included the following classmates who were present: Betty Unger Aulabaugh, Donna Mesner Angel, Shirley Hovermale Bohrer, Julian Dawson, Phyllis Swaim Dawson, Loretta Jackson Hendershot, Lorraine Fox Henderson, Rosemary Davison Ihrig, Lois Hoopengardner Joy, James Michael, Dennis Neely, Jean Stotler Platt, Lester Potter, David Roman, Ruppenthal, Sylvia Dawson Thomas, Rose Marie Lutman Tumey, Jo Ann Shanholtz Wachter, Esther Goller Walburn and Patsy Swaim Woody.

There were no members of the class of 1947 present.

Classes graduating 71 or more years ago in attendance were:

Class of 1946 - June Weber Brown and Wilma Neely Meyers; Class of 1945 - Helen Neely Dodson; Class of 1943 - Junior Hessler, Mary Virginia Banks Nichols, Robert Rowland and Geraldine Weber Willard; Class of 1942 - Glenn Michael; Class of 1939 - Nancy Hovermale Largent.

Jon Everett, class of 1961, from San Diego, Calif., traveled the farthest to attend the reunion.

The next homecoming will be held on Saturday, September 22, 2018, one week earlier than usually held. The honored classes will be 1968, 1958 and 1948.

Invitations will be sent to those returning their cards this year as well as the members of the honored classes.

Anyone who would like to attend and has not received a letter in the past may contact Sandy Matts at 304-258- 3610 or Jay Russell at 304- 258-1204, members of the planning committee.

Other committee members include Didawick, Sandy Drake, Kerns, Bill Michael, Liz Phillips, Ruppenthal and Ed Weber.

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