2017-10-04 / Opinions

Keep reading those papers

This week also happens to be National Newspaper Week. When S.S. Buzzerd founded The Morgan Messenger in 1893, there wasn’t such a thing as National Newspaper Week. Each town and county that had a local newspaper (or two) considered itself pretty lucky. Newspapers were the main source of information about community events, personal milestones, business offerings and political matters in Mr. Buzzerd’s day.

Today, folks have a lot more places to find out about shopping opportunities, politics and personal news. We strive to put new tools to work in delivering the news while staying focused on our primary mission – to produce a newspaper each week that’s full of local, accurate information.

Each Wednesday, more than 4,600 copies of the paper are delivered into homes and businesses here and afar. Each week, our staff works with advertisers, public officials, community groups, churches, schools, funeral homes, police agencies, fire companies, citizens and business people to gather information and report on the workings of our county.

Who knows if S.S. Buzzerd imagined we’d be doing this 124 years after he had his big idea for The Morgan Messenger. The late Warren Buzzerd and longtime editor John Douglas spent decades reporting and using these pages to make the community better. Their work fuels ours today.

We’re grateful for the families, businesses and readers who have stuck with us all these decades. We look forward to celebrating National Newspaper Week for many more years to come. Keep reading those newspapers – ours and lots of others — and don’t forget to renew your subscription!

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