2017-10-04 / Letters


Dear Editor:

Symbols represent far more than statues, flags or sacred books. It is what these symbols stand for and mean both to an individual, to a society, country or a faith tradition that matters. Truly, symbols can be so much more than icons. It is truly how we honor and live out the meaning of these symbols on all levels as a free and thoughtful people. The true question we might ask is, what do these precious things really mean as we live and breathe the many experiences of our daily life...perhaps, a history we need to reflect on honestly. A country that must strive for peace not war, at home and abroad, and a faith of love and kindness (hard when passions run high) that seek a just end. Just how we demonstrate and honor these representations of our true values is critical.

We can do this through many non-violent, peace making and peace keeping experiences and dialogue which must always be our ultimate goal as we revere these symbols, but never do these things represent us through malicious rhetoric which will become our destiny, should we insist.

Joanne Tomasello

Berkeley Springs

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