2017-09-27 / Opinions

A chance to invest in ourselves

We support the road bond amendment before West Virginia voters in the October 7 special election.

The amendment will let state lawmakers sell bonds to pay for road construction and upgrades in all 55 counties. The bond debt will be paid by higher vehicle, gas and registration fees already put in place by the Legislature. By giving state road improvements a separate source of money, West Virginia will be able to invest in making the entire state more accessible and welcoming even as our budget troubles linger.

Dozens of major roadway projects have stagnated in recent decades here and elsewhere. Not all of our road troubles have to do with a lack of money, but many do.

It’s a big deal for West Virginia to decide the time is right to invest in our own future. Good, safe roads and modern, safe bridges belong in all corners of our state – not just the spots where business and industry lobby for them to be.

As we back the bond amendment, we also put state officials on notice that we expect our roads and bridges to be noticeably better in the next five years and in the years after. We will do our part to improve the state, and they must abandon their excuses and do their part, too.

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This is an awful bold

This is an awful bold statement for anyone to speak for "we"... I'd also like to know with what authority "we" can hold politicians accountable when they fail "us" again, with their empty promises???