2017-09-20 / Letters

We don’t care about history facts

Dear Editor:

I had thought about a followup letter on the dangers of removing/tearing down Civil War monuments and statues, and of the totalitarian governments that continued actions such as these eventually conjured up in Russia (1917 Revolution) and Germany (Hitler’s rise in the 1930’s).

However, we obviously don’t remember the facts of our history or care enough about them to protect objects of perceived value (by one group or another) until cooler heads prevail.

Political winds always change, sometimes coming right back around to where they originally started. Much as strong hurricanes do, those political winds often leave death and destruction in their paths before things calm down again.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts puts our current situation into perspective as follows:

“The American people are clearly out to lunch...., fighting among themselves over Civil War statues, while their government invites nuclear armageddon. Are Americans capable of comprehending this? Only a few have escaped the matrix.”

“The U.S. Goverment is in Roman collapse stage...completely devoid of intelligence...or morality. As Hugo Chavez said: Satan is there; you can smell the sulfur...”

John C. Webster

New Hope

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