2017-09-20 / Letters

No remuneration for BSFD

Dear Editor:

According to details published in a recent Morgan Messenger, Berkeley Springs Fire Department responded to six emergency calls in June for cardiac arrest as a result of drug overdoses, usually providing backup to first responders such as the ambulance company. However, on every one of those six occasions, volunteer firemen left their homes or places of regular employment to race with BSFD equipment to the scene of an overdose. Unlike the emergency ambulance service, BSFD receives no remuneration for such services which are unrelated to fire fighting.

I heard recently of the significant increase in the number of drug addicted babies being delivered in the local area. Hospitals rely upon volunteers to supplement staff in comforting newborns who cry almost nonstop as they suffer through withdrawal from the drugs ingested by their mothers. Such volunteers provide their services unseen by most, every day throughout the year.

Local law enforcement is often able to seize cash and drugs in the course of drug related apprehensions, and derive direct benefit from those proceeds. Such windfalls should more equitably by donated to supporting the volunteers who give so generously of their time to mitigate the collateral effects of drug abuse.

We read frequently of drug arrests achieved in the regular course of law enforcement, but rarely is there a spotlight on the related consequences. BSFD Chief Jami Clark brought these incidents to our attention, keep us updated.

Dawn White

Berkeley Springs

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