2017-09-13 / Opinions

Congress needs to protect Dreamers

Even the biggest critics of America’s immigration system agree that the White House move to pull the plug on Dreamers come March is a political move with no good payoff.

The DACA program has allowed young immigrants, brought to the U.S. by their families, to have a secure citizenship status as they complete school and college or serve in the American military. The “Dreamers” must meet lots of requirements in order to stay in the good graces of U.S. Immigration until they achieve full citizenship.

Ending the program will reportedly affect 800,000 young people, and shift them into an undocumented status that can lead to deportation. At the very least, it leads to great uncertainty in homes and communities.

Many people have rightly pointed out that these children and young people have mostly grown up in America. This is the country they know and consider to be home. Deportation isn’t the same for them as it would be for an adult who came to the U.S. and was sent back to whatever country he or she came from. For most of the Dreamers, there is no “back home” outside of the U.S.

The President has pointed out that Congress could make DACA a permanent program through legislation. He’s right. Our representatives need to secure the way for young people, brought here as children, to grow into America’s future. Just about every family story in America includes the part where a dreamer arrives on U.S. soil. Our nation and her wealth were built by them.

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