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Morgan County Sheriff’s Report 304-258-1067

Sheriff KC Bohrer reports the following calls, investigations and reports for August 27-September 2:

August 27

Captain Stapleton and Deputy Jenkins arrested Heather Klinefelter, 32, for petty larceny.

Deputy Shambaugh responded to a suspicious vehicle call on Carrie Lane. Juvenile secure.

Deputy Jenkins arrested Heather Klinefelter for larceny warrant.

August 28

Cpl. Lemon assisted EMS with a suicide call on Hammond Street in Great Cacapon.

Chief Walter responded to a welfare check on Sand Mine Road.

Chief Walter investigated an illegal dumping on South Washington St.

Deputy Shambaugh responded to a dispute call on Clone Run Road. Landlord tenant dispute.

Deputy Roper responded to an assault call at hospital. Victim refused to press charges.

Cpl. Barney, PRO, handled several complaints in schools to include: traffic complaints, student in suicidal distress, missing student.

August 29

Cpl. Lemon investigated a Breaking and Entering of an automobile on Finch Drive.

Cpl. Lemon handled a property dispute on Clone Run Road.

Cpl. Lemon responded to a traffic complaint on Mauzy Road.

Lt. Place handled a reckless driving complaint from Morgan County bus garage.

Deputy Roper assisted a homeless person by making referrals to shelters and personally purchasing him a meal.

August 30

Sheriff Bohrer, and Chief Walter assisted WVSP on WV 9 and Bennett Lane.

Sgt. Shambaugh responded to a welfare check on Cacapon Road. Negative contact.

Sgt. Shambaugh responded to some shots fired call on Waugh Road.

Cpl. Barney, PRO, handled parking complaints at schools, student behavior issues, electronic threats, etc.

August 31

Sheriff Bohrer handled a reckless driving complaint on US 522 South at Omps.

Sgt. Shambaugh responded to a suspicious circumstance call on Pious Ridge. All secure.

September 1

Sheriff Bohrer, Chief Walter, Lt. Place and Deputy Shambaugh arrested Matthew Hammerbacher- Riley, 31, for entering without breaking.

Deputy Shambaugh investigated a burglary on Highland Ridge Road.

Lt. Place handled a domestic on Debbie Terrace.

Deputy Roper responded to a welfare check on Winchester Grade Road reference custody issue. Complainant advised of options thorough court.

September 2

Deputy Shambaugh investigated a battery at McDonalds.

Deputy Roper handled a deer strike on Johnson Mill Road.

Deputy Roper responded to an injured deer call on Oakland Road. Animal departed prior to arrival.

Deputy Roper handled a missing person call on Spotted Fawn Lane. Subject was elderly and located at neighbors. Returned home.

Felony arrest one, misdemeanor arrest one, traffic citations 17, traffic warnings 19, criminal investigations 10, alarms responded to one, transports three, legal process served 17, legal process attemped 11, home confinement checks five and complaints not needing a report 45.

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Well done Deputy Roper

Well done Deputy Roper with assisting the homeless person and going far above by buying him a meal out of your own pocket . . bravo