2017-09-06 / Front Page

Juvenile arrested for driving pickup, striking cruiser

A nine year old male was taken into custody in the early morning hours of September 4 by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department for driving a pickup truck and striking two vehicles.

According to a press release from Sheriff KC Bohrer, a citizen had reported that a minor was driving a full sized blue pickup in the area of the ROCS gas station, heading north toward Berkeley Springs.

Deputy Chris Roper responded to the call and attempted to stop the boy, who kept driving. The boy then struck a parked vehicle on Cornelius Avenue, below the Berkeley Springs Castle. According to police, the boy then went in reverse and struck Deputy Roper’s police cruiser. He was taken into custody and eventually released to his parents, said the Sheriff.

Investigation is ongoing and charges are pending against the juvenile.

The incident was the second time in two weeks that a Sheriff’s cruiser has been damaged.

Sheriff Bohrer’s cruiser was struck during a traffic stop, and a passing vehicle knocked the driver’s side door off of the cruiser as the Sheriff opened it to get out of the cruiser.

Neither incident resulted in injury to law enforcement officers.

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