2017-08-23 / Letters

Stop this insanity

Dear Editor:

The recent controversy involving various communities and states removing and/or destroying statues of certain Civil War figures because the historical characters offend or are somehow harmful to the current citizenry gives me great pause. This country does have a history and the statues serve to remind us of that history, like it or not, and do not necessarily celebrate the person or a particular event.

If we are so sensitive about the Confederate statues, then we should be honest, fair and equally sensitive and say all native American indians, who were slaughtered and forced onto reservations by the intruders who “discovered” America, might rightfully insist that the U.S. Government remove all statues of anyone not a native American.

American’s need to come to our senses and stop this insanity.

C. J. Rauch

Great Cacapon

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As it turns out, as a matter

As it turns out, as a matter of factual history, many of the Confederate leaders (such as Robert E. Lee) advised against such statues as he felt they would inhibit national healing after the Civil War. Moreover, the vast majority of these Confederate statues were erected in the early part of the 20th century, as part of the "Jim Crow" movement to intimidate, or later, in the 50's and 60's in opposition to the civil rights movement. This is not really about culture or history or heritage, as many of statues were erected for the exact reason that many people find them objectionable, to intimidate and a specific group of Americans and perpetuate racism.

Ok, well, when someone

Ok, well, when someone murders your dad, rapes your mom, and enslaves your kid, and then the government erects a statue to the criminal who did it, let me know how you feel. And I'm fine with taking down statues of anyone who did the same to Native Americans.