2017-08-23 / Letters

On history, slavery, monuments

Dear Editor:

It’s wrong, just plain wrong, what’s going on in our country. White supremists, Nazis, the KKK. Whites against blacks, blacks against whites. As Americans we need to learn to get along.

We are Americans no matter what color our skin is.

To be tearing down the confederate monuments is wrong. They are an important part of our history.

Slavery was wrong, but if you look back you’ll find it’s been going on for centuries.

The pyramids were built by slaves in Biblical times. Slavery was present in our country long before our independence from England. Some of our founding fathers owned slaves. Some of the African chiefs would often sell members of their tribes for personal profit, and sadly it is still going on today. Young girls and boys kidnapped and forced to do unthinkable things often before they reach their teens. Just to make someone else rich.

This whole thing sickens me. Leave our historical monuments alone. Let them stand to show we have overcome that time in our country.

Americans against Americans is not the answer. If you want to fight someone, go to Korea.

John “JZ” Webster


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erasing history has been

erasing history has been tried in many countries always with great failure