2017-08-16 / Opinions

Crush the lie again

White supremacy is an old lie. It was a lie when it was used to justify the slave trade. It has been a lie used to keep families apart, children from being educated and adults from having basic rights guaranteed by our Constitution. It was a lie that Adolf Hitler twisted to create the Nazi lie.

America offered up a generation of young people to fight the evil of the Nazi lie. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died to defeat Nazism, and its wicked, twisted message that only white, blue-eyed, blonde-haired Western Europeans deserved to live and thrive. The Allies defeated that philosophy with the blood and sacrifice of good, brave people. The world rejected that lie with a strength of force that hasn’t been seen since.

Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, KKK supporters who stoked violence in Charlottesville and those who have given them safe harbor are not patriots. Their claims to patriotism are built on ignorance of our nation and our history. Their particular lie – that America is at its best when only white men sit in the seats of power – is un-American. It rejects the actual facts of our strength and status as a nation.

Vile slogans of hatred, swastika flags and Nazi salutes defile the sacrifices of America's “greatest generation,” who crushed the evil of the Nazis 70 years ago. Today’s hate groups do not represent a yearning for America in a better time. They do not promise a future of greatness. They call forth an old, evil lie we must put to rest once again.

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What would it take to replace

What would it take to replace the Confederate flags flying in Morgan County with more positive symbols of peaceful community?

My father died in World War

My father died in World War II to defend this country from Nazis and all of the evil, hate, and bigotry they unleashed on the world. The idea that there are Swastikas being waved at rallies is an outrage. Those marching in step with hate and bigotry are no doubt enjoying the many contributions of those they call out as foreign! Please....Morgan County friends...let's honor the memory of The Greatest Generation by denouncing facist hatred in all forms in no uncertain terms.

Your editorial is a good

Your editorial is a good start but not nearly enough. You must call upon local Morgan county and state leaders to denounce President Trump in clear unambiguous terms.