2017-08-16 / Letters

Must condemn racism

Dear Editor:

As a nation, united in its endeavour to ensure the preservation of its greatest ideal, we owe it to our forefathers and our future to come together and denounce all racism.

Our declaration of independence clearly states, as Americans, we consider all men to be created equal.

When segments of our society begin to consider themselves, because of race, superior to all others, we must, as a nation, stand up and decry these segments as what they are: Un-American.

There is no grey area here. We didn’t defeat the Nazis in Europe only to allow them to proudly wave the Swastiva in Virginia. We did not defeat the confederation of slave-owners only to allow them to freely strike fear into the hearts of those we died to free. As a nation, born upon the vision of individual liberty, we must condemn racism.

Eric D. Hogbin

Berkeley Springs

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