2017-08-09 / Letters

Voting & apathy

Dear Editor:

I always appreciate the rebuttals to my letters to the editor. I would like to say, I also believe Mr. Byrne is right on when he says that a wider and varied political party system is needed. Why not? However, while difficult, the Constitution can be amended and I hear strong voices for the idea of term limits at every level of government from the ground up...corruption and greed can breed from the ground up, for sure. I guess I am far more of an optimist, particularly when it comes to future generations that are hopeful and progressive in their thinking. However, when Mr. Byrne states “people don’t vote because they have the right not to vote...” probably the best example of apathy is that very statement. Most people do not have to be bribed with smoke and mirrors to want to vote. Mr. Byrne is really off base on that one. As far as imposing a penalty for not voting, we pay penalties on taxes if we don’t pay.

I believe voting is as high a priority as paying ones taxes, even though that is a duty and not a privilege, as is voting. Yes we do suffer when we do not exercise our privileges as citizens. We become complacent and ill informed. I hope that more and more people will choose to vote so we can have the broadest representation possible. Or is it just that we only want certain people to vote who only follow our agenda? I always say, don’t care what party affiliation one belongs to, the worst case of apathy is not to vote at all.

Never say never, Mr. Byrne. You do not know what the next generation can bring and I have great hopes. Our fears get us nowhere.

Joanne Tomasello

Berkeley Springs

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