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Fed decisions affect WV outdoors

Dear Editor:

There has been much news about the proposed Mountaineer Gas line through Morgan County and the damage it would bring to our environment and farmlands. It is interesting that a map of the pipeline has yet to be published; The Messenger would do the public a service by publishing a map of the proposed pipeline.

While folks should be concerned about the pipeline, just as dismaying is the dismantling of other environmental safeguards that have been proposed or implemented by the current administration. I have a difficult time believing that voters asked for dirty air and water as well as ending other safeguards for our state and our children when they voted for Trump. Maybe folks are not aware? Make no mistake, these federal decisions do impact our “Wild and Wonderful” WV. Some examples:

In February, the Stream Protection Rule was repealed. This allows companies more leeway to dump debris and/or chemicals into our streams. Also in February, Trump asked the EPA to begin the process of repealing the Clean Water Rule which amended the Clean Water Act by limiting pollution to wetlands and streams that feed our larger waterways.

The administration has suspended some rules on air pollution which reduced harmful methane and smog forming volatile organic including benzene and proposed “The Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2017” which attacks the Clean Air Act and restricts EPA’s monitoring and regulating pollutants that cause smog.

West Virginians love the outdoors and understand the importance of conserving our outdoor heritage which includes protecting our public lands. The administration has proposed amending the Antiquities Act which would end protection of many of our lands.

The Trump budget eliminates all funding for the Chemical Safety Board and several other state grant programs which WV has benefited from.

Betsy Southerland, Director of Science & Technology at the EPA said, when submitting her resignation (after 30 years), “EPA has been the guiding light to make the ‘right thing’ happen for the greater good, including public health and safety and that will not be possible under the current administration.” She said, “I felt it was my civic duty to explain the impact of this administration’s polices on public health and safety.”

Our public officials need to hear from everyone who loves the outdoors including hunters and anglers if you don’t want a negative impact on your environment.

Laurie Methven


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But it is good for

But it is good for business is a stock answer . we are left with a scared Earth poisoned waters and a damaged environment all for someone's profit margin . meanwhile the local people are exposed to numerous chemicals and resulting Cancers or respiratory difficulties culminating in death that is our benefit

Thanks for posting, this

Thanks for posting, this administration is NOT going to be good for WV.Cutting EPA projects, Medicaid, pretty much ignoring the opioid crisis (If this were North Korea killing as many people as opioids are, you bet he'd declare an emergency). Let's see how long he can keep the people fooled.