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Sheriff appoints former D.C. officer as Chief Deputy

John Walter John Walter Morgan County Sheriff KC Bohrer informed Morgan County Commissioners last Wednesday he would appoint former Washington, D.C. police officer John Walter as his Chief Deputy. Walter will assume the post on Tuesday, August 15.

Bohrer said the appointment would solve a department shortage he’s had since February. A recent attempt to hire a deputy for the post brought in 40 applications. Of those, just three were eligible to be hired, said Bohrer. None of the applicants was a certified officer, so they would have required extensive training in order to go on patrol independently, Bohrer said.

The Sheriff said Walter will have to resign from the county’s Civil Service Commission, which oversees Sheriff’s Department promotions and disciplinary actions.

Walter retired last November as a Sergeant with the Washington Metro Police Department, and was the supervisor of all K-9 officers in the DC police force, said Bohrer. He has been in law enforcement for 26 years. Walter is a graduate of Berkeley Springs High School and lives in Morgan County.

Commissioners unanimously approved the hire, even though it is an appointed position under the discretion of the Sheriff. Bohrer said the only issue commissioners may be asked to address is a difference in the salary between the deputy position that has been open and the Chief Deputy salary that Walter will earn.

The Chief Deputy is the Sheriff’s second in command in the department. Sheriff Bohrer did not appoint a Chief Deputy when he took office in January. Bohrer said in his experience, it is not uncommon to fill the position from outside the department. The last several Chief Deputies in Morgan County have been chosen from members of the Sheriff’s Department.

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Congratulations John been a

Congratulations John been a long time since I have seen you. I'm sure you will do a great job.