2017-08-02 / Letters

Bus service much needed

Dear Editor:

I was delighted to learn that Morgan County had started up a public transit service. It is long overdue and much needed. Many times local, state and federal government forget just how many citizens no longer own vehicles and rely on other means of transportation for their daily lives.

Living in large metropolitan cities people need public transportation due to many factors such as parking, etc. People who live in smaller towns or rural areas find it difficult to schedule appointments, shopping trips, etc. because of lack of transportation. Even finding transportation to and from your job can be challenging. Having worked in public transit (bus systems) for over 20 years, I would be delighted to help anyway I can.

I would love to see a transfer point established with EPTA (Pan Tran), that would allow citizens to go down to either Berkeley or Jefferson County as their need arises. Even if it would only be once or twice a week. One thing I can tell you for certain — if the bus service is used only sparingly, it will die a slow death and rest assured, it is next to impossible to get a public bus service back again, once it is discontinued. Let’s hope that the citizens of Morgan County take full advantage of this great service.

Frank Danfelt

Berkeley Springs

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