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Memorial tree program introduced

by Trish Rudder

Bath councilman Andy Swaim, who heads up the Bath Tree Board, said a memorial tree program is being instituted by the tree board and wanted approval by the council at the July 18 meeting.

The board is working with the Foxglove Garden Club, and is welcoming other organizations or individuals who wish to memorialize or honor someone by planting a tree in town or to designate a tree that has already been planted.

To assure consistency and fairness, there are guidelines to follow, Swaim said.

Foxglove Garden Club wants the tree plaques to be consistent like the five-inch by three-inch bronze plaque that is being designed for a memorial tree at CNB Bank.

Swaim said suggestions may be made about where to plant a tree and the species of the tree, but the final decision will be made by the Tree Board, which will rely upon the board’s planting plan.

Additional guidelines are:

The Tree Board will purchase trees and will determine the best planting date.

Those wishing to partner with the Tree Board will pay for the order before it is placed.

If the tree can be ordered at the same time the board is purchasing a larger order, any potential savings will be passed on.

All plaques will be uniform in appearance and location.

The board will provide the template, and will suggest the company that has provided previous plaques.

Once the tree has been planted, it will be the property of the Town of Bath.

The Tree Board will care for all the trees it plants including those planted in partnership with other organizations or individuals. Care includes watering, mulching and pruning.

Should a tree die, the Tree Board will arrange to have the tree removed at its expense.

Those wishing to memorialize or honor someone may pay for a replacement tree; however, they are not obligated to do so, Swaim said.

Also, an organization/individual may wish to commemorate a tree that has already been planted. In such cases, the Tree Board must agree to this designation. All the guidelines listed above will apply. The partnering organization will make a donation to the Tree Board to cover the expense it has already incurred.

The memorial/ honor trees program was approved by the council.

For more information, contact Councilman Swaim at town hall at 304-258-1102.

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