2017-07-26 / School News

Paw Paw Schools win Nora Roberts grant for new stage curtains

by Kate Evans

Paw Paw Schools will have new stage curtains this coming school year with funds from the Nora Roberts Foundation through a grant program.

Joyce White, Morgan County Schools Director of Safety, Policy, Student Services and Transportation, said that the school received a $7,475 “Taking the Stage!” grant from the foundation. The school was funded the full amount requested for the replacement stage curtains.

The school’s stage curtains were worn out and central office staff has been looking for a grant or funding source for a couple of years for the curtains, which are very expensive, said White.

She wrote the grant, helped along with information from Principal Melinda Kasekamp and Treasurer Ann Bell.

The grant money should be available soon and that the curtains should be purchased and installed this school year.

“The stage curtains will be a wonderful facelift that will help instill pride in Paw Paw Schools arts curriculum and aid in fostering students’ creative energies. The grant will continue to mean that Paw Paw Schools can continue using the stage as a valuable and attractive place to gather and perform,” White said.

Kasekamp said she was grateful Finance Department staff person Michelle Sirbaugh found the grant for them and White sought it out.

“Our school stage is the center of so many vital functions for our student population and our curtains frame all of those special times. The stage is where students first stand in front of an audience for their first school program, where they receive their first school awards, where they perform their first band concert and ultimately where they graduate.

“I have watched nervous five-year-olds sing a holiday song with snowflakes hanging on those curtains and watched those same students graduate 13 years later with a banner hung on those curtains recognizing their accomplishments,” Kasekamp said.

“We proudly retire our old curtains and all the history they have recorded over the years. We look forward to dressing up our stage once again to continue the tradition of our grand stage; a place of beginnings and endings,” she added.

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