2017-07-26 / News

Local resident featured on “Ghosts Of Shepherdstown”

Morgan County resident Tricia Strader is one of several Eastern Panhandle residents featured on a new season of Destination America channel’s TV show “Ghosts Of Shepherdstown.”

Strader appears in episode 3, which aired July 24 and reairs July 31 at 9 p.m., talking about an experience of hers at Boydville Manor on South Queen Street in Martinsburg. Several other visitors have reported strange phenomena over the years at the 1812 mansion.

Strader said the first season of “Ghosts Of Shepherdstown” materialized from a large number of actual 911 calls reporting what seemed to be supernatural activity in Shepherdstown. Police Chief Mike King resorted to calling in paranormal investigators.

Nick Groff, known to viewers for “Ghost Adventures” and “Paranormal Lockdown,” enlists the help of “paranormal sensitive” Elizabeth Saint, Bill Hartley, founder/lead Investigator for the Greater Maryland Paranormal Society, Jefferson County historian Dana Mitchell, and psychic medium Lorie Johnson.

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