2017-07-26 / Letters

Which swamp?

Dear Editor:

So much finger pointing at who’s to blame for all the upheaval in government. History has shown much of our reactions have already been played out in history, even within the last 100 years, just different stage and actors. It is always wise to examine a few fundamental basics that we all have a hand in at both the local and national level. Two things need to change as the problems that exist today will simply reoccur.

Voting at every level should be mandatory. All registered voters need to vote. How about paper ballots for all. Sure would end the hacking business. Longer to wait for results but there was a time in history we were patient enough to do that. Small financial penalties should be invoked if this privilege is not exercised. (Australia, another democracy, already has this mandate). As citizens we would be far more inclined to read up on issues and candidates than to allow the morning news or zealous candidates to give us tweets or contextualize information.

An even bigger solution would be to mandate terms limits at every level. Gone are the days when one leader or one body had perfect answers but continued to have us “drink the kool-ade.” Our sense of apathy is appalling, but with that we need more forums of civilized discussions, locally. Yes, there is about a six month learning curve even for those who have held office at another level of government. However, the big bonus is because those in office would have less than three short years to do the mission for the people rather than having continual RaRa campaign rallies and end up doing so little.

Mandatory voting and terms limits at every level starts at the water’s edge of the swamp. Continue to write and call your represenatives and better yet, the President, to stop campaigning and work for the common good. We can change how we do things in this country. It begins at the ground level.

Joanne Tomasello

Berkeley Springs

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