2017-07-26 / Letters

Ridiculous promises

Dear Editor:

It appears that the Senate bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is dead.

How did this happen? How could the Republicans fail so spectacularly? They do, after all, control all three branches of government. The answer is simple. They never had a real plan for replacement, and still don’t, even though they have had more than seven years to get it right.

President Trump, back when he was candidate Trump, said he had a plan. He said no one will lose coverage. It will be a lot less expensive. Coverage will be beautiful. There will be insurance for everyone. There will be no cuts to Medicare or Medicaid. Everybody’s going to be taken care of. It will be every bit as good on preexisting conditions as Obamacare. It will be great healthcare for a fraction of the price. Deductibles will be lower. We will have something terrific. No one will lose coverage.

Did Mr. Trump’s plan ever actually exist? No.

How can the Republican Congress fail to act on President Trump’s promises? It’s simple. They were made by a man who is completely clueless about the operation of the healthcare system. Likewise, he has no idea how the legislative process works. Why can’t Mr. Trump rally public support for the bill? Because he has no idea what is actually in it, so he can not possibly make informed statements on the subject or answer questions about it. That is what happens when we elect a real estate salesman turned game show host turned politician to be the President of the United States.

I predict President Trump will have plenty of excuses for this failure. He will blame it on President Obama. He will blame it on the Democrats. He will blame it on the Republican leadership. He may even blame it on the phase of the moon or Jimmy Carter. No doubt those excuses will be made in the form of insults through his Twitter account. The simple fact is that the blame lies with him. He made ridiculous promises that he can not keep.

Bob Wurster

Berkeley Springs

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And ridiculous people voted

And ridiculous people voted for him.