2017-07-19 / Sports

Chip Shots

by Jim Buzzerd


I’ve been a fan of the Washington Redskins since I began watching football over 40 years ago. My choice of the Redskins over the Colts, then of Baltimore, came down to the presence of former West Virginia University great Sam Huff on the Redskins roster. Plus, I thought Sonny Jurgensen was cooler than Johnny Unitas. I’ve remained loyal to the 'Skins all these years, but I am at a crossroads.

This isn’t about dumping my favorite team for another NFL team, that’s not the way I roll. I’ll admit that I can get behind the Ravens at times since they are the other ‘local’ team, but make no mistake, in a head to head match up, I’m all Redskins. What I am evaluating is just how much time and effort I want to continue to devote to the Redskins and the NFL in general.

Recent contract negotiations between the Redskins and quarterback Kirk Cousins have brought me to a crossroads of sorts. Monday was the final day for the two sides to reach an agreement or Cousins will play his second season under the franchise tag. The franchise tag is in place to allow the smaller-market teams to compete with the big-market franchises by letting them lock up their prospective free agents beyond the original time frame of their contracts. Usually the franchise tag is reserved for a team’s top pending free agent.

Whatever! I don’t care to get into all of this right here right now, the gist is Cousins made almost $20 million last season with the franchise tag and will make $24 million more this season. Just trying to digest those numbers is mind numbing since most observers don’t consider Cousins even in the top five quarterbacks in the league. Further complicating things, at least for me, is that industry insiders consider these two year salaries in line with Cousins’ market value.

Washington offered Cousins $53 million in guaranteed money through 2022. Analysts agree that was a lowball offer by Washington and Cousins’ agent didn’t even respond. Redskins’ team president Bruce Allen addressed the failed negotiation on Twitter Monday. Allen threw his Pro Bowl quarterback under the bus as he explained the amount Washington was offering in an obvious attempt to make Cousins look like the greedy one.

Again, analysts agree that Washington was offering Cousins less than his market value. So, here I am at a crossroads. I don’t care who is to blame here; all evidence points to Washington and the Redskins have consistently failed to deliver a superior product throughout owner Dan Snyder’s tenure. This failed negotiation should surprise nobody. While I’m okay with Cousins getting his money, market value is what it is, I’m suddenly less interested in the whole process.

I’m not sure if I want to continue my Sunday Ticket subscription or compete in a fantasy football league anymore. Maybe I’ll start playing golf on autumn Sundays and care less about being in my chair for Washington’s 1 p.m. kickoff.

I don’t know what’s worse, the value of some of these contracts, or the fact that the team I like makes news for not paying the price.

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