2017-07-19 / Sports

Cacapon 12 Hour Challenge Trail Run

by Jamie Harris

Participants await the start of the 12 Hour Challenge Trail Run at Cacapon State Park. Participants await the start of the 12 Hour Challenge Trail Run at Cacapon State Park. There was an event going at Cacapon State Park on Saturday, July 8 that many folks around here may not have known about. It was the Cacapon 12 Hour Challenge Trail Run that started at the Batt Shelter and involved the Ziler Loop and Central Trail which totaled five miles over a rugged terrain inside of Cacapon State Park. Starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m. runners had exactly 12 hours to complete as many loops as they could.

The trail was wet, steep and mushy, but the weather to compete was amazing for the runners. They had to complete the five mile loop and each time report at the check in area. From there they had the options of resting, eating and taking in fluids before they started their next loop on the course.

Meg Landymore was the overall winner running 56.2 miles, a new women’s course record in 11:29:40. Joe Cross was the male winner running 55 miles in 11:46:14 and together they are the 2017 RRCA West Virginia Ultra State Champions.

The Master’s state champions were William Fallier of Harper’s Ferry (52.2 miles) and Mary Beth Strickley (50 miles). Grand Master’s state titles went to Gary Peterson (47.2 miles) and Diana Widdowson (40 miles). Senior Grand Master’s RRCA WV State Champions were Wayne Kline (46.2 miles) and Mary Ellen Hutchins (40 miles). The event had 10 runners complete 50 or more miles.

Top three female runners overall were Landymore, Strickler and Jana Snider (45 miles in 11:42:46).

Top three men runners overall were Cross, Julio Palma (54.4 miles in 11:34.01) and Ryan Jones (54.4 miles in 11:57.19).

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