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Working collectively for rescues

Dear Editor:

Susan England made an excellent point in her letter on animal rescue collaboration in last week’s Morgan Messenger. Everyone benefits when the rescues work with each other. Give Purrs A Chance was saddened that the Humane Society of Morgan County rejected our offer to take all the cats that had been there a year or longer. They also declined any working relationship between our groups. Even so, we wish them continued success in their efforts.

However, Purrs has partnered with four other groups in the area and are ecstatic with our relationships with these groups. Friends Fur Life, locally based and primarily a dog rescue, has supplied six cats to us. Heart of the Earth Sanctuary and Rescue in Cumberland has supplied us with the most cats. They are an incredible rescue and we introduced them to Morgan County Animal Control which has sent multiple cats to them. Once vetted and socialized they then come to Purrs. Missy Smith Rescue, also of Cumberland, just sent us 10 cats this week. Washington County Humane Society is also one of our partners. We recently adopted out two cats that we received from them.

Establishing any new business in Morgan County can be difficult. Purrs has been delighted by the reception we have received so far. We have had 18 adoptions and are expecting many more in the near future. The local business community has shown us great support. Although the majority of our visitors have been from out of town we have been impressed by how many locals have come to visit and adopt from us. Our continued success is dependent on our ability to continue to work with our rescues and the local community. We are proud to be part of our community and to work collectively to adopt out as many cats as possible.

George Farnham

President Give Purrs A Chance

Berkeley Springs

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