2017-07-12 / Letters

Train to nowhere

Dear Editor:

“It isn’t fair,” said an employee at one local hardware store. He was referring to a circuit court decision allowing Mountaineer Gas Company access to the Kesecker farm, through which they want to run their fracked natural gas pipeline to Berkeley County. It isn’t fair; it isn’t necessary; and it certainly is not a pressing need in the public interest as claimed.

There is total disconnect between our public officials and those of us who they are supposed to represent. There is also total disregard for facts concerning the so-called fracked gas “boom.”

It’s actually just another scheme to convince Americans that everything is A-ok and that we’ll be energy independent for the rest of the century. Baloney.

Fossil fuels production has reached a point of quickly diminishing returns on investment. Energy gained is becoming less than the energy required to produce usable end products. This is not an intelligent, viable or sustainable business plan.

The only way frackers are able to continue pumping is through the buildup of ever-increasing debt. They have to constantly drill new wells and frack, frack, frack, in order to continue getting loans from the bank.

As a result, there are over 500 more wells now than there were in July of 2016. This contributes to a growing worldwide glut; prices are thus kept artificially low; and the situation becomes even worse.

Add to this a quote from Tyler Dorden of Zero Hedge: “The U.S. consumer continues to contract, between declining real wages and deteriorating labor market conditions, with [stagnant] gasoline demand one of the few undoctored indications giving a glimpse into the state of U.S. [fossil fuels] consumption.”

Those who remember the 1997-2001 technology boom-and-bust know that piling up enormous debt (without eventually making a profit) didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Once again, many will lose what they invested. The fossil fuels industry will be left in shambles.

Corporate CEO’s political “leaders,” and their wannabe supporters at all levels of government — including our own county commissioners and representatives to the state — are all aboard this runaway train to nowhere.

They are the true “deplorables,” not the average worker trying hard to make ends meet.

So, dig up Morgan County, take private property by eminent domain, and start building the pipeline to Martinsburg. Resentment here will be deep, with predictably negative consequences in the foreseeable future.

John C. Webster

New Hope

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