2017-07-12 / Letters

Land & ownership

Dear Editor:

How fair is it for people who think they own land, clear it, build on it and farm on it, to have to defend their rights in a court, because some ruthless, non-enviromental destructive natural gas company, wants to violate what they have?

With all the signs “stop the pipeline,” meetings, protest letters and objections from people who live here in Morgan County, a local judge rules in favor for the gas company. How is that possible?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s here, in a national park, or Standing Rock, South Dakota; injustice is everywhere. It’s not government by the people, for the people; it’s government by the judges, for the gas companies.

A beautiful farm passed down from generation to generation and owned by the Kesecker family, shows how wrong our judicial system really is.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — these few words are in jeopardy for everyone in Morgan County. All we inherit from Mountaineer Gas, is fear and destruction. They need us, we don’t need them.

Where is the conscience of the local judge who would let them in our backyard? Did she ever read any of the hundreds of letters from people in Morgan County? I doubt it.

State laws in a caring community are meant to protect the people and their properties. There should be no loop holes for that. The land itself has a God-given right not to be violated.

Gas companies don’t care about you, your farm, your land, water or your happiness. If we keep allowing this environmental apocalypse to continue, Morgan County will severely pay the price. How much more can our mountains take? Once land or rivers are destroyed, you can’t fix it. Like I asked in the beginning of this letter, do you really own anything?

Russell Ratliff

Berkeley Springs

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