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Higher DMV fees now in effect

Due to the passage of Senate Bill 1006, the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has implemented changes to its fees for vehicle and driver services, including registrations and driver’s licenses. The new fees went into effect on July 1.

Vehicle registrations for regular Class A plates will increase by $21.50 to $51.50. Special plates will pay the additional $21.50 on top of the special plate fee. DMV customers with July and August renewals that have already received their paperwork in the mail will need to pay the additional $21.50 beyond what is listed in the renewal notice per the new legislation. Other vehicle fee changes include:

· Vehicle Sales Tax, 5% to 6%

· Title Fee, $10 to $15

·Duplicate Title, $10 to $15

· Salvage Title/Cosmetic Loss, $15 to $22.50

· Reconstructed Title, $10 to $15

· Legal Heir Title Transfer, $0 to $15

·Lien Recording, $5 to $10

·Registration Transfer, $5.50 to $10.50

·Legal Heir Registration Transfer, $0 to $10.50

· Duplicate Decals, Plates, and Registrations, $5 to $10

Driver services changes include an increase in fees for the Class E Driver’s License to $5 per year. Adult and Child Identification Cards will also increase by $5 per year. Additional fees include:

·Level One GDL Knowledge Test, $7.50 per attempt

· Level One GDL Permit Test, $7.50

·Level Two GDL Skills Test, $7.50 per attempt

· Level Three, Full Class E (18 and over) $5 per year

·Class E Knowledge Test, 18 and older, $7.50 per attempt

·Class E Permit, 18 and older, $7.50

·Duplicate Permits and License, $7.50

· Docket Fee, $15.00

·Driving Record, $7.50

All online services, as well as the DMV Now kiosks, were programmed with these new legislative changes to begin July 1. For more information, go to the DMV website at dmv.wv.gov or call 1-800-642-9066.

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