2017-06-28 / News

Public Service Commission adjusts wireless enhanced 911 fees

The Public Service Commission of West Virginia, as required by State law, has issued an Order that increases the wireless enhanced 911 fee from $3 to $3.34 per month, per subscriber, to become effective July 1.

A portion of this fee funds the 911 emergency services for each county in West Virginia. County Commissions derive revenues to operate their enhanced emergency telephone systems from two different sources. Counties are allowed to impose an enhanced 911 fee upon customers of local exchange service as well as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service. The second source of 911 revenue for counties comes from wireless enhanced 911 fees.

The Public Service Commission retains none of the fees and distributes the monies received according to specific instructions contained in State Law. One million dollars is placed in a fund each year to subsidize the construction of wireless towers. Ten cents of the amount collected per subscriber is distributed to the West Virginia State Police to be used for equipment upgrades for improving and integrating their communications efforts with those of the enhanced 911 systems. Five percent of the wireless enhanced fees received by the Commission are deposited in a special fund established by the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to be used solely for the construction, maintenance and upgrade of the West Virginia Interoperable Radio Project. The remainder of the money is distributed to the counties according to the formula set forth in West Virginia Code.

According to State law, the Commission is required to conduct an audit of the wireless enhanced 911 fee every other year. If the weighted average of the enhanced 911 fees exceeds the $3 per month wireless E-911 fee, the wireless E-911 fee must be increased to the weighted average of the enhanced 911 fees, but never increased more than 25% of the wireless E-911 fee. Commission Rules provide that if it is necessary for the Commission to recalculate the wireless fee, the new fee would take effect July 1 of the respecification year.

More information, including the Order, is available on the PSC website: www.psc. state.wv.us by referencing General Order 187.50.

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