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Restore real America

Dear Editor:

It is a significant and terrible shame when this country’s ethics become a battlefield of party versus country.

This war is not Republicans against Democrats. This has become another civil war of Americans versus Americans. My letter is not aimed at putting our politicians on notice; this is to put Americans on notice that we, by our choices and actions, can effectively conspire to dissolve our liberties and our laws, as easily as shattering a fine china vase with a hammer.

Our nation, our people, our standing on the world stage, is under fire — from its own citizens. Today, we have more to fear from within than from without. If we willingly become blind to black or white, male or female, young or old, rich or poor, wise or ignorant, Muslim, Jew or Christian and what nation your family originated from, we might once more restore the real beauty that is America.

Right now, America is paying a heavy toll for what’s going on across our nation, and in our nation’s capital. We can’t afford to be governed by those who have no respect for anything this country represents through its laws, its brave military, and its foundational documents. As a consequence, we’ve lost our innocence, our freedom, our dignity and honor, our self-respect, and the esteem of those nations around the world who have always valued America as a superior role model.

Those who still have some pride left in this country should stand tall, and stop paying heed to a bully pulpit trying to change the definition of who we are as true Americans.

The over-abundance of hate demonstrated in increasing violence is a major symptom of the profound decay of America’s founding principles. And that is something we should all care about.

It’s high time to get off the hobby horse of party politics. In fact, the original Democratic Party favored farmers, urban workers, the common man, civil liberties, the poor and middle classes, the Bill of Rights, and the uniform application of the rule of law. By comparison, the original GOP wanted to bring power closer to the people, and believed in new immigrants, and in the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness promised in the Constitution. There wasn’t much difference then, and there shouldn’t be now. Let’s bring back the originals, and do it right.

Patricia Mudgett

Berkeley Springs

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very well spoken . . in you

very well spoken . . in you shines the original American spirit .