2017-06-21 / Opinions

Hate is the common poison

Londoners faced another terror attack this week, in which a van drove into a crowd of everyday people going about their business. On Monday, the van driver was a man from Wales who drove into people assembled at a mosque in the city. Prior attacks in London, on the London bridge and in a busy market, and one at a Manchester, England arena have been the claimed responsibility of the ISIS terror group and associates.

Whether committed by a group that calls itself the Islamic State or by an individual who is targeting Muslims, hate is the common denominator in attacks on innocent people.

It is also the apparent reason a gunman opened fire on elected officials and others at a baseball practice in Alexandria last week. It was the reason Dylan Roof gunned down black members of a Bible study group in Charleston, S.C. It’s been the reason for countless attacks on people who were going about their daily lives.

Hate is a common poison, and one that’s being sold all over. It is the natural outcome of an “us versus them” mentality that tries to divide our communities, country and world into a simple formula of “people like us” and “those people.” There is a shallow sense of safety in that formula. But it’s fake. History has a thousand lessons to teach us that.

The children and adults of England who were victims of these recent crimes are a wide and varied mix of people with different skin tones, different accents, from different backgrounds. They are not the enemy. Their deaths and injuries prove that the “us versus them” formula is not just wrong, it’s dangerous and poisonous to everyone it touches.

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