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Bath election results final

by Trish Rudder

An official canvassing of the June 13 Town of Bath election did not change the outcome of last Tuesday’s races. Additional numbers were added, but the winners stayed the same.

The canvassing board on Monday voted to review the provisional ballots after conferring with Darrell Shull, a W.Va. Secretary of State representative who assisted the town on Election Day.

Seventeen early voting ballots were challenged because the poll workers neglected to sign those ballots and were not counted on June 13.

“There was no malice. It was just an oversight,” said Town Recorder Vince Kidwell, who led the canvassing board.

After a review of each ballot, all 17 ballots were accepted and added to the final vote count.

Also, one additional challenged ballot was reviewed, allowed, and counted, and one other challenged ballot was not accepted and therefore was not counted.

New totals/same results

Mayor Scott Merki won his second term in the mayoral race with 95 votes and beat challenger Michelle Ritchie, who had 27 votes.

The Town Recorder spot was an open seat and was won by former Bath mayor Susan Webster with 82 votes. Councilwoman Tiffany “Peace” White, who also ran for Town Recorder, had 46 votes.

Four council incumbents were re-elected with Andy Swaim earning 96 votes; Rick Weber with 95 votes; Elizabeth Skinner with 84 votes and Chris Chapman with 84 votes.

Newcomer Rose Jackson earned the fifth council position with 87 votes.

Only 131 ballots were cast in this election – 21% of the town’s registered 618 voters.

In 2015, 30% or 180 voters of the town’s registered 600 voters cast ballots.

The elected officials serve a two-year term beginning July 1.

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