2017-06-14 / Letters

Some consideration

Dear Editor:

Tuesday afternoon an orange stray cat (with cute white feet) was hit and killed in front of my house. I had been feeding this fellow for 3-4 months. He was very skittish and never came near me, but he came to my house every evening for the handful of dried cat food I placed on my porch for him. I had grown to like this fellow and looked forward to him coming over for his supper each evening. However, things happen and he was struck and killed by a car.

Here's the thing. He was in good shape and did not look like a stray, so that left me wondering, "Why didn't whoever hit him stop and at LEAST move him out of the road?"

He clearly looked well taken care of and could have been mistaken easily for someone's pet. I was heartbroken when I saw him laying in the road, but I was angry that whoever hit him couldn't be bothered to stop and at least perform this common courtesy. Yes, common courtesy. It takes just a moment to stop, pick the animal up and move it to the side of the road, out of the way of traffic.

If you cannot muster this common courtesy for an animal, then do it for the person who might shed tears for this creature.

It actually does help because moving the animal is an acknowledgement that you regret what happened and it honors the animal a whole lot more than just leaving it in the road to be continuously hit over and over again. This is just plain disrespectful and I am sick of seeing this kind of callousness along our roads.

Not to mention that many people swerve to avoid dead animals in the road, so leaving it there can actually be a safety hazard. Whatever your reason, if you hit it, be respectful enough of your neighbors and neighborhood to move it to the side of the road. It only takes a minute out of your busy day.

Jill Rogers

Berkeley Springs

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