2017-06-14 / Letters

Don’t remove watchdog

Dear Editor:

This week I learned, from the League of Women Voters, that there is an Election Assistance Commission (EAC). The League of Women Voters says the EAC is independent, bipartisan, and works to improve the reliability of our nation’s voting and election systems.

Strangely enough, despite concerns about election fraud, some members of the United States House of Representatives want to get rid of the very commission charged with monitoring voting software, and helping state officials with issues concerning electronic voting machines. It looks suspiciously like the House is less interested in preventing real election fraud than in rigging the system to keep themselves in their jobs.

The League of Women Voters is concerned, because their mission is to promote free and fair elections. They do not think that removing the watchdog will do this. If you agree, contact our Representative, Alexander Mooney and tell him. The telephone number for his Washington office is 1-202-225-2711.

Patricia Witt

Berkeley Springs

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