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Congrats to our grads

Dear Editor:

Hats off to a wonderful group of young people who have just graduated from Morgan County Schools. It is a great joy to see and engage with the young people of our community who have great hopes and aspirations. It has been my experience, within the school setting, that the majority of our students have great plans and are ready to further their education in many different endeavors. It is our job to re-educate ourselves in any number of ways as well as support our students as much as possible. Sure, we have problems, as do our youth that must be addressed particularly as we become personally aware of them.

As adults or people that have long life experience, we need not dwell on the past and our woes (recounting daily through negative repetitive news or about how it used to be) but to engage in the future in a fast changing world to the extent we can, alongside of the generations that are destined to forge ahead, educating and reeducating as we go along together. They live in a challenging world that involves change and progress and they are ready to confront and communicate with those challenges. Hopefully, as older adults we must understand and give them our love and support, even though our pace has slowed. We need to have faith in each other and our kids. If that makes me a Pollyanna then I will gladly wear that badge of honor as I am privileged to know many of them, even over my short 12 years here in Berkeley Springs.

Joanne Tomasello

Berkeley Springs

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Thank you Ms Tomasello for

Thank you Ms Tomasello for your encouragement to the recent graduates. This is especially noteworthy in a World that is becoming increasing uncivil towards others. Keep up the good work both graduates and their Advocates.Roger Sipes Chicago