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School board to consider dropping Asst. Super. post

by Kate Evans

Morgan County School officials are advertising for candidates for a Director of Human Resources/Maintenance after the May 23 resignation of Assistant Superintendent Kristen Tuttle instead of choosing to fill the vacancy of the Assistant Superintendent position.

Tuttle accepted an Assistant Principal position at John Handley High School with Winchester Public Schools beginning July 1.

School Superintendent David Banks said on Friday morning that the school board would be asked to approve abolishing the fulltime Assistant Superintendent position. He will ask them to modify the post into a fulltime Director of Human Resources/Maintenance position at a meeting set for last night.

Banks also expected to recommend a candidate for the position to the board at that meeting.

The Director of Human Resources/ Maintenance job was advertised on May 26 on the Morgan County Schools and the West Virginia Department of Education websites with the posting closing at the end of the day on Friday, June 2.

Banks said that as of mid-Friday afternoon that seven candidates had applied.

Banks said that normally he would bring a position that was going to be restructured to the school board first for its approval.

However, Tuttle resigned on May 23 and there wasn’t a school board meeting until June 6. Banks said there was a time crunch to get someone on board to work with Tuttle before she leaves on June 16.

Banks said they would be interviewing applicants for the Director of Human Resources/Maintenance position on Monday, June 5.

The school board could still reject his recommendation for restructuring the position and any candidate recommended for hiring, he noted.

Reevaluated position

Tuttle’s resignation gave school officials the chance to re-evaluate the need for an Assistant Superintendent position.

When the special levy was up for renewal in 2014, some people didn’t think the school system needed one, which was the main consideration, he said. Banks noted that when he reviewed what other counties the size of Morgan County had in place, he found around half had Assistant Superintendents.

With the decreasing enrollment and decline in state revenue, Banks chose to advertise a Director of Human Resources to expand the position beyond personnel -- a big job in itself -- to get a larger pool of applicants that may have human resources experience.

He also removed the maintenance director position from Transportation Director Joyce White’s responsibilities and added it to the advertised position.

Maintenance rationale

Banks said that since there’s such a close link between finance and maintenance, that he wanted the maintenance director position at the central office instead of at the transportation office at the school bus garage. The maintenance department is located right beside the school board office on Harmison Avenue.

Banks said he has asked other directors to assume some of Assistant Superintendent Kristen Tuttle’s duties after she leaves and would be explaining those duty reassignments to the board at the meeting.

Tuttle’s responsibilities as Assistant Superintendent for the 2016-2017 school year have included day-to-day school system operations, personnel, the Title 9 program, athletics (WVSSAC), policy development, strategic planning highly qualified personnel, professional/service staff development/ mentoring, school improvement and accountability (OEPA), supervising departments as assigned by the Superintendent and serving as the Superintendent’s designee in his absence.

The Director of Human Resources/Maintenance position posting said that preference would be given to a candidate with training in a variety of instructional strategies and remediation/reteach instructional activities.

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