2017-05-31 / Opinions

History and opportunity

Last week’s celebrations of local graduates, and remembrances of service members lost while serving our country show us to be a land of opportunity built on the sacrifices of others.

Other nations – those much older than ours – look on the American character with some curiosity. We are seen as an enthusiastic and optimistic people, always ready to believe in new possibilities and pursue our individual dreams.

But others see us a nation that does not have a deep grasp of history – our own or the world’s. And without a knowledge of history, any nation is in danger of repeating mistakes they need not make.

Parents and grandparents of new graduates are trying to share their own lessons from a lifetime of choices, in order to save the young ones from unnecessary stumbles and bumps as they set out ahead. Our parents and grandparents did the same for us, even if we didn’t listen.

This is a time to recall how far we have come, and to remember those who brought us to this point of opportunity. Soldiers who fought for America’s ideals and values did not always get a chance to reap the benefits of freedom for themselves. But those of us who have benefited owe them a very specific debt. We repay that, long past Memorial Day, by remaining loyal to the American ideals of freedom, opportunity and justice for all.

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I totally agree, GOD BLESS