2017-05-31 / Letters

Impressed by event

Dear Editor:

What a grand sight. I stopped by the Legion to see the mobile wall. That thing is just beautiful.

I talked with a few of the veterans but most were reluctant to share their stories. I respect them just the same.

Although you could tell he was a bit nervous the speaker was eloquent in his presentation and you could tell by the emotion in his voice he meant what he said. The Legion commander did a good job as well. The quilts of valor ceremony was humbling. It was very touching.

The high school band did a great job playing the military athems and the Star Spangled banner. I saw lots of tears in the crowd. All of that was topped off with a 21 gun salute.

Sunday brought more surprises. I saw a lady wearing a vintage sailor uniform, an old Army truck and a rolling tribute to veterans in the form of a semi simply called “Blackout” that was quite a sight.

I got to talk with the ladies selling t-shirts and hats and they explained to me about their project of wanting to erect a monument for the Vietnam veterans in the center of town where the other two are located. What a great idea. It prompted me to buy a shirt and put a donation in the box which looked like a miniature version of the concept of what it may look like.

I came to see the motorcycles but I guess I was too late to see them take off.

There was a little boy under a canopy selling bracelets with his parents. He was quite a salesman. He talked me into buying one. The Morgan County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is doing a very good job to have this monument erected and I urge that you readers give them your support.

It’s a great cause. Remember to thank our veterans.

John J. Z. Webster

Berkeley Springs

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