2017-05-31 / Letters

Diplomatic, not military

Dear Editor:

Last night I was disturbed to hear the PBS News Hour describe President Trump’s trip as his first as commander in chief. No, I do not object to the trip. It is the words “Commander in Chief” that upset me. The President of the United States has a number of duties. Commander in Chief is only one of them. The trip appears to be primarily a diplomatic mission, not a military one.

I am offended that the chief executive these days can only be referred to in the goriest terms as Commander in Chief. I am even more offended that our foreign policy is being dominated by the military. American citizens need to, at last, acknowledge the death and destruction we have created with our bombs. Given this country’s current militaristic inclinations, our flag should be portrayed as dripping in blood. We should change that.

Patricia Witt

Berkeley Springs

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