2017-05-24 / Obituaries

Seat belt safety message

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program and Public Service Commission have joined forces with other West Virginia law enforcement agencies in the Click It or Ticket campaign now through Memorial Day to remind motorists that seat belts save lives. Seat belt use is not only a good idea, it’s also the law and failure to wear your seat belt could result in a ticket.

While other agencies concentrate on the general public, the Public Service Commission’s Enforcement Officers deliver the seat belt safety message to drivers of commercial motor vehicles. Bob Blankenship, Director of the PSC’s Transportation Enforcement Division said, “Our agency is charged with improving safety on West Virginia’s roadways for commercial vehicles. Our participation in the Click It Or Ticket campaign gives us the opportunity to reinforce the message that seat belts save lives. We emphasize that message to the commercial motor vehicle drivers who travel West Virginia’s highways, which helps keep all motorists safer.”

Data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 48% of the 22,441 occupants killed in crashes in 2015 were unbuckled. In addition, 57% of passenger vehicle occupants killed at night were not wearing their seat belts, compared to 40% killed during the daytime. Men continue to outnumber women in not wearing seat belts – 52% to 42%, respectively. Pickup truck occupants tend to be the lowest among any other vehicle type in wearing seat belts – 59% of drivers killed were not wearing a seat belt, compared to 54% for SUV drivers, 42% for passenger car drivers, and 41% for van drivers.

With funding provided by the GHSP, law enforcement agencies are able to conduct these focused patrols on seat belt safety and encourage citizens to drive safely.

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