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Trump making progress

Dear Editor:

Yes, I too have been lied to, felt betrayed and misled, but of course it all depends on what it is, and I guess I have had my hackles raised upon reading a letter in The Messenger because I once again feel compelled to reply. Although she didn’t mention anyone by name, it seems apparent to me that Gisele Aoussat’s reference to “the most powerful man in the world” indicates that she is speaking of President Trump. If my assumption is correct I would advise Ms. Aoussat that “patience is a virtue” and her dissatisfaction with the accomplishments of the Trump administration after just four short months shows a complete lack of that virtue.

Yes, candidate Trump did promise jobs. If you check the national unemployment rate, it is currently 4.4% and falling as compared to 5.0% at this time last year. In spite of the Democrats and several RINO’s in Congress attempting to block his every move, along with the liberal media reporting lies in order to influence public opinion, it seems the President is quietly making progress toward his goals.

Yes, candidate Trump did promise to “Make America Great Again” and our greatness will eventually shine through with a strengthened foreign policy rather than the wishy-washy policies of the past administration. Yes, candidate Trump did promise to “Drain the Swamp” and he made a first step toward achieving that goal by denying another term to the Clintonistas.

The Clinton News Network (CNN) has many believing that he will hurt the working man in order to provide tax relief to those nasty corporations.

Who do they think provides most real income producing non-government jobs in this country? They have many believing that he wants to deny us decent health insurance when facts show that the health policies of the past administration were imploding before he was ever nominated and in fact that is one of the reasons he was nominated.

Ms. Aoussat, may I suggest that you, and other “Chicken Little’s” sit back, prop your feet up and let the man do his job before crying wolf.

Dick Byrne

Berkeley Springs

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I have no patience - for

I have no patience - for people who sprinkle manure all through their letter to the editor. It's true that it makes a stronger statement, but the strength is in the smell, not the facts.