2017-05-24 / Letters

Hope for better

Dear Editor:

Gisele Aoussat’s heartfelt letter to the editor last week really touched me and echoed the feelings of so many who had so much hope and belief in our new President and have seen them dashed with laws that favor the haves, taking from the rest of us.

I didn’t vote for the man but when he won I tried to stand behind him as my President and thought that he still had the possibility to rebuild the weaknesses in our country. I, too, believed in at least some of what he said. Now it’s been just one untruth after another, lies and cover-ups with bombastic speeches to dazzle us with his rhetoric rather than provide the safety, jobs, affordable health care and education for our kids. I, too, am concerned that he might only be feathering his own nest and helping his own family rise in power and riches at our expense instead of putting America first, (as he had promised.)

Maybe he will finally get his act together and make a fine president, but I can’t personally believe anything he says anymore...even he contradicts himself. But, since he is our President, let’s hope for better in the next 100 days. And, if our Emperor really has no clothes, we need to petition and carefully monitor our Congress to see who has the courage to protect us from these laws and appointments that hurt we the people.

Carolyn Randell

Berkeley Springs

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