2017-05-17 / School News

Food chain art entered in grant competition

As part of a S.T.E.A.M. Power WV grant, fifth graders at Warm Springs Intermediate school researched food chains in five different biomes and collaborated in sculpting the specific species of the food chains. Their sculptures were assembled onto totem poles, from producers at the base, up through the highest trophic level carnivores and completed with decomposers on top. Pictured is Chance Pelchat showing off his Sugar Maple Leaf, the base of the Deciduous Forest totem pole.

A video of the project will be entered into a contest for a $3,000 classroom supply grant for Warm Springs Intermediate’s future ceramic supplies. The grant, sponsored by the Big Ceramic Store, lets the public vote (by May 21) on the best project through their website.

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#goSTEAM Here is the link to

#goSTEAM Here is the link to the competition video! Please share and vote! http://www.bigceramicstore.com/scholarship?entry_id=155707527 (After clicking the "vote" button, scroll up and click you are not a robot, then confirm vote in the auto email)