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Sold out

Dear Editor:

This realization is a shock to me, a registered Independent. Democracy is for sale, or while we were busy living our lives, it was bought out. The Republican Koch brothers are worth $82 billion dollars. When you have that much money you can buy anything you want, including Democracy or the media. Most of their money has been made in the extraction and refining of oil. Profit vs. Global Warming. There are approximately 18 billionaires under the brothers’ leadership. They hire lobbyists to push their many interests.

The brothers announced in 2015 that they intended to spend $750 million to support political candidates. They go a long way to stop campaign finance reform because they want to eliminate restrictions on all spending. We no longer have a middle class America. Kids can’t afford a college education working for $8.00 an hour. Many older folks, who paid into Social Security, cannot now live on that paltry sum. Fortythree million Americans, including 20% of all children, now live in poverty. Look at the difference between billionaires and the poor of today. What happened? We were bought out.

While we were sleeping, the big corporations and banks were working nights to redistribute the wealth in our country. The number of billionaires in this country has grown to 51. Yet, no one thinks twice about a football or basketball player making millions per year. There is something profoundly wrong when one-tenth of one percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. Prescription costs are in the tight grip of the huge pharmaceutical corporations.

Who owns the media? If you think it is in the hands of a few giant corporations you are wrong. “15 Billionaires Own America’s News Media Companies.” Forbes Magazine.

Sorry middle class folks, if you were thinking there was someone who could help correct these problems, think again. Big money has long been at work before any of us realized that our votes no longer count. We’ve been sold out.

Marsha Webster Berkeley Springs

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Unfortunately you are too

Unfortunately you are too correct. And what about the American people who don't care? What do we do about them? We can't hit them over the head with facts, because facts don't matter anymore.