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Second firefighter charged with setting blazes

Twigg faces hunting charges
by Kate Shunney

A Great Cacapon man was arrested last Friday and charged with felony arson and maliciously setting fire to lands – charges stemming from a two-state fire investigation into multiple fires in Green Ridge State Forest and in western Morgan County.

Alex R. Gloyd, 18, of York Lane was charged on May 5 by the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s office with starting a fire that burned a structure in downtown Paw Paw on February 6 of this year and starting a woods fire on Milo School Road near Paw Paw on March 5.

Gloyd, a volunteer firefighter with Great Cacapon Volunteer Fire Department, became a suspect in the fires as investigators from the Maryland Fire Marshal’s Office and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources looked into several mountain fires in Green Ridge State Forest that burned almost 58 acres in three separate incidents on March 23, April 3 and April 10.

Maryland officials charged Brian Chad Twigg, 19, of Paw Paw with multiple felony arsons for those fires on April 24. Twigg is a volunteer firefighter in Paw Paw. They did not charge Gloyd with setting the Maryland fires.

According to the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office, Gloyd is an honorary member of the Paw Paw Volunteer Fire Department.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Morgan County Magistrate Court, Fire Marshal George Harms was asked by Paw Paw Fire Chief Steve Moreland to conduct a fire origin and cause analysis of a February 6 fire that burned a single family home at 695 block of Henry Miller Blvd.

The house, owned by a couple from Hugesville, Md. was in the process of being renovated and had no power to the structure.

Harms determined the cause of the fire to be incendiary, meaning the blaze had been set.

On April 14, investigators from Maryland and West Virginia fire and DNR agencies interviewed both Twigg and Gloyd at the Paw Paw Fire Department. In his complaint, Harms indicated that Gloyd admitted to being with Twigg and setting a brush fire along Milo School Road near Paw Paw. Twigg then allegedly told officials he had information about the February structure fire in Paw Paw.

According to officers, Twigg said Gloyd was with him at the Paw Paw fire station on February 6. Gloyd left the station, then sent Twigg a Snapchat message that said “get ready for a house fire.” Shortly after, a woman pulled up to the station and advised there was a house on fire in town.

Gloyd, who is a senior at Paw Paw High School, was released on a $10,000 bond. A preliminary hearing is set for May 23 in the case.

Twigg faces additional charges for his activities with Gloyd.

He was arraigned May 2 in Morgan County Magistrate Court on 17 misdemeanor counts related to illegal hunting in the western part of the county last fall.

Officer Bradley Robertson, Senior Natural Resources Police Officer charged Twigg with four counts each of unlawful methods of hunting (spotlighting), hunting from a vehicle, hunting out of season and conspiracy to violate DNR regulations. Twigg also faces two counts each of transporting wildlife and possession of wildlife.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Morgan County Magistrate Court, Officer Robertson interviewed Twigg in mid-April in connection with an arson investigation that later led to felony charges against Twigg.

During the interview, Twigg allegedly admitted that he and Gloyd had illegally hunted deer in the Milo School Road area in September of 2016. In total, the men reportedly spotlighted and shot deer out of their trucks on four occasions and harvest four deer that they failed to check into the DNR hunters system.

Twigg is free on a $5,000 bond on the new charges. There is a June 13 hearing in that case.

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I believe these are federal

I believe these are federal offenses so don't think these boys will be out planting trees anytime soon.

Since these boys are "bored

Since these boys are "bored and wanted something to do", let's send them out with enough seedling trees to replant the fifty plus acres they burned!

I like the idea of

I like the idea of reseeding the fifty acres under strict supervision and repairing hiking trails be educational and healthy for them. . There have been unsolved fires that these lads might have knowledge of . fires dating back 6 yrs are a possibility . . their record of activity as to when they started this should be known so to see how deep this arson thrill goes . when was it first formed. . that aspect holds interest for me from a psychological standpoint