2017-05-10 / Front Page

County Commission won’t provide funds for bus service

by Trish Rudder

The Morgan County Commission approved a letter of support for a grant application by the local Transportation Enhancement Committee at the May 3 meeting. But the commission did not approve providing the grant’s matching funds.

The funding was to be used to help pay for the proposed on-demand bus service that is to begin after July 1.

Commission president Joel Tuttle, a member of the Transportation Enhancement Committee, recused himself from the discussion.

Commissioner Bob Ford said he does not support the idea and Commissioner Ken Reed said he did not support the idea, either.

Ford said the bus service was “a glorified taxi service,” and said he does not see the value in it.

“It is not a well thought out plan. This is not a bus service for Morgan County,” said Ford.

He said it was a “cockamamie” idea, but he would agree to a letter supporting the transportation enhancement grant application.

He said he would not approve matching funds for the grant, however. He said he did not believe there would be enough ridership and “there was not that big of a demand.”

Federal funding paid for two new vans at the senior center and those can be used for a public bus service, Tuttle had said, but a different federal grant was needed to pay for a driver, fuel and other bus service costs.

Tuttle is the executive director of Senior Life Services, Inc.

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